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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 1, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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it's hard to tell if that actually is the golden gate bridge. >> this is where all eyes will be tonight, the oracle arena in oakland where the warriors face the cavaliers in game one of the nba finals. >> we don't have to say the sun will come out tomorrow, it will come out later today, and that will be the perfect color for the blue and gold. >> a lot of golden sunshine. and today is yesterday's tomorrow. we'll look at what is going on with live doppler 7, and the drizzle is out there. the golden gate bridge there as we talked about, and even the bay bridge from time to time, but look at the east bay hills, they are getting ready for warmer temperatures. 12-hour day planner, we will stay in the upper 50s at the coast. 67 to 69 bay and inland at noon. 71 to 74 there. 65 to 66 as we head through the 7:00 hour. you will be inside watching the dubs on 7 anyway.
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the chp has issued a fog advisory. it's also very thick coming up and over the waldo grade as well in patches. heads up here, no fog lifting as of yet so limited visibility. of yet so limited visibility. you have four dire southbound direction. we will look at san rafael in just a few minutes. developing news in the east bay where police are investigating an officer-involved shooting after a chase with asay -- a >> reporter: the family friend of the suspect came here to the scene and she said that the family is just devastated. they are still trying to figure out what happened here in vallejo. right now you can see police are actively investigating and it appears the suspect's car is there as well as the patrol car. there was some sort of crash. this was right at pacheco
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boulevard off of 680. they are still gathering evidence. police said last night they spotted a wanted suspect, the 20-year-old was said to evade officers when he was driving recklessly, and he rammed a patrol car and got a way days later, and so when they spotted him last night parked on ellis road, they say he again tried to escape and there was a short chase and he crashed into another vehicle and that's when officers fired multiple rounds, and a friend of the family said she didn't know he was trying to evade police. >> good, bad, or otherwise, and his family is good people and i am hoping for the best. >> police say officers fired because they feared for their life. de-carlo is at the hospital with
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serious kwreuriinjuries. the shoot something being investigated by the contra costa county sheriff's department, and we are not sure how long the police are going to remain on the scene and they are trying to do a thorough job, and this crime scene stayed overnight and now we are here well into the morning. abc7 news. >> th >> thanks for the update. and then racing to get a connecter ramp to get a road closed after what was an leak from an overturned rig. the road reopened at 2:00 this morning after being 14 and a half hours.
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>> i was concerned if it safe for the boys to be there outside of the area. >> there was a 15-foot radius that was dangerous for the people cleaning up. fortunately none of it made it into nearby waterways. and then the president has received intense pressure to stick with the initiative to fight climate change and it appears the president may opt to walk away from the deal. a friend of the president and ceo of news max media appeared on "gma" is morning to discuss another option. >> i personally think the president should kick it over to the senate because it impacts american lives, and there should be a treaty discussed on it and modifications, and if china is not implementing theirs until 2030, why should we do ours by 2025. >> ivanka trump and her husband
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wants the u.s. to stay in the deal. abc news is expected to carry a special report on the president's decision, which he says he will make at noon. want to jump in here natasha and tell you about a last-ditch effort today by 25 major companies to convince president to stay with the paris accord. it includes apple, google, facebook, levis, gap, and sales force. they are running the letter as a full-page ad this morning in many major newspapers, and it says it stabilizes jobs. it is surprising to some, the idea is also getting support from several energy companies and even some coal producers. >> interesting. the bay area really playing a role in this.
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the site of a tragic accident is turning into a memorial for two students. two were killed in the crash on monday. both were just 17 years old. they attended school in union city. alameda police say 19-year-old rodriguez was behind the wheel. witnesses say he was going 50 to 60 miles per hour and clipped another car and went airborne and investigators will determine if he is going to face criminal charges. and then one of the sisters said she lost another brother two years ago to an accident. >> where do you have to go in a rush, and cause this type of accident and take somebody's life? that's not fair. >> as for the other people in the truck, some remain at the hospital with life-threatening injuries. san jose police decided not to press charges against a woman
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that claimed she was abducted at knifepoint and forced to drive to oregon. deputies found her in oregon on friday night. she later recanted her story and the motivation behind the false report remains unclear. can you feel the excitement? what are we down to, 11 hours and counting. dub nation is ready to go. >> amy hollyfield is live inside oracle arena where some fans will get a courtside view of the game. amy? >> reporter: i am trying to pretend like i am a vip in the courtside seats? how does it look on me? do i look like a fat cat. back row or front row, everybody gets a t-shirt 19,596 shirts here and were all put out last night. the two rows here on the
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tonight's game is sold out and you can find tickets. we went on and looked for seats that are available tonight. that's where the nba recommends you go to so you don't end up with a fake ticket, and this seat right here is available. if you want to come tonight, you can sit here, courtside seat for the very low price of so if that's not in your budget, i totally understand, so you can watch the game here on abc7, and it starts tonight at 6:00. go warriors, reporting live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> you look it does look good on her. thank you, amy. >> all of this kicks off live at oracle for the dubs on 7 show, and then it's game one, warriors versus the cavs. the coverage starts at 5:30 here
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on abc7, your home for the nba finals. a lyft driver claims she was assaulted by passengers. why her reaction to the attack cost her her job. cost her her job. california
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>> announcer: now your accuweather 7-day forecast with mike nicco. >> good news so far from sfo, no >> good news so far from sfo, no flight or adeparture 24 to 38-mile-per-hour winds, and 3:00 this afternoon, through 3:00 saturday morning for the coast. we're in the upper 50s to low 60s. you can see in the south bay, mid to upper 50s just about in all the other neighborhoods. temperatures today, we will be in the 70s in the bay and 60s around the coast. clear and smooth sailing in san rafael. 101 headed past the north gate mall and into central san rafael, and -- oh, we have a little spider on the camera in the bay bridge it looks like.
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and we have clear skies in walnut creek, and about an eight-minute drive from concord to the 680 junction. not a problem there, so far so good. b.a.r.t., earlier delays now clear. 51 trains running on time at this hour. >> thank you, sue. next, new developments in the case of a north bay man detained b (avo) did you know two areas of your brain can make it hard to lose weight? contrave is an fda-approved weight-loss medicine that may help adults who are overweight or struggle with obesity lose weight and keep it off. contrave is believed to work on two areas of the brain: your hunger center... (woman) i'm so hungry. (avo) to reduce hunger. and your reward system... (woman) ice cream. french fries. (avo) to help control cravings. across three long-term studies, contrave patients lost approximately 2-4x more weight than with diet and exercise alone. contrave is not for everyone. one ingredient in contrave may
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it's 6:15 now. we have new developments. a san rafael man and another man detained by i.c.e. have both been denied immigration hearings. mejia remains in immigration custody. he and nunez, both undocument the immigrants have lived in the u.s. for more than a decade. they went to a construction job at travis air force bay and they were detaeupd after an official found they did not have valid social security numbers during a routine id round. and then lyft says because she has a weapon she can no longer drive for them. she said it was her first night of driving last weekend, and men
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had her driving to a few places and was saying inappropriate things, and then they touched her inappropriately. >> my gun was under my lap the whole time, and i drew it, and i pointed and said i am not afraid to use it. >> she said she was able to speed away after that and she called police and reported the incident to lyft and the next day her driving account was deactivated because of the company's no weapons policy. and then adding a third gender option on state licenses and ids. california could become the first state for people to have the binary option. new details on the huge landslide that took out part of highway 1 in big sur. the survey shows the slide expanded california's coast by
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13 acres. that's the size of ten football fields. highway 1 is now buried under 80 feet of dirt. caltrans said it will take a year or more to get the road re-opened. it has only been a little over a month since coachella ended and the hype is back. one word. beyonce. she will headline next year's festiv festival. tickets will be available tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. april 1, if you are planning early. and ticket prices have not yet been announced but this year's general admission wrist cost $420. >> i will have to consider putting in early for that. the good news i talked about at sfo, they just announced the
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arrival delays. they are 43 minutes. the low clouds did come through. and as we head through the day, though, sunny and seasonal from the coast. cool breezes coming for the weekend. that's a little bit of a change. summer warmth is delayed until next week. here's a look at the cloud cover. you can see it increasing this morning, and the marine layer trying to establish its dominance. 72 today in santa cruz. a little more sunshine than somewhere like half moon bay. and then downtown san francisco, 65. over along the coast about 60 degrees. you can see 58 at bodega bay today. 20 degrees warmer, and 79 at santa rosa and napa. 80 in calistoga. 70 to 73 for most of the east bay. upper 60s at berkeley and richmond. as you head into the valley, 76 at pleasanton. a couple more tkpwrapb
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san mateo high school, dropping down into the low 60s by 7:00. and piedmont across the bay, about the same time, warmer maybe, 67 at 4:00, and kicking off graduation at 5:00. and dropping down to 65 at 6:00 and, 64 at 7:00. congratulations everybody. have a great and safe evening. here's a look at the accuweather 7-day forecast. the breezes bring our temperatures back down for saturday and sunday. our hottest days next week with 80s around the bay and possibly 90s inland. we will check back in with the bay bridge. metering lights turned on at 5:23 this morning. stacking up toward the macarthur maze. it looks like the commuter lanes, the far right and left lanes are moving nicely so if you can commute that's a wonderful way to go. san jose, 880, traffic flowing
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nicely and more sunshine for your ride through the san jose valley. take a look at the maps. slow traffic out of tracy, however no accidents or stalls there, and you are looking at a 45-minute drive, tracy up and over the altamont into the pleasanton area. pleasanton area. we will look after this. we are getting our first look at the largest plane ever built. the sun is beaming over the ba handballer 1: you know what i could go for? scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van!
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handballer 1: you know what i scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van! we have new details, and elon musk plans to use tunnels for the commute. it shows an all-glass cabin for people to sit and stand. it's not known when or if the tunnels will be built. we are also getting our first look at the most monstrous planes ever built. it rolled out of a hanger yesterday for the first time.
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this is a space project by microsoft co-founder, paul alan. it's designed to carry a rocket up to 35,000 feet, and the rocket separates and boosts satellites into orbit. the plane is powered by six boeing 747 engines. the first rocket launch could happen as early as 2019. and then a question personal loans. michael finney has the answer. >> if i wanted to seek out a personal loan where should i go? what is the best route? which bank? which lending company? what do you recommend? >> hey, deb, good question. the deal is where the deal is. financial institutions are changing their offerings all the time so you will need to shop around. to do that you need to know your credit score. that will determine your interest rate. if you have good credit, i want you to consider looking at a 0%
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interest credit card. some are interesting 0% for nearly two years now, and that's a deal that is tough to beat. good luck and thanks for your question. >> if you have a question for michael finney, record it on your smartphone or tablet and share it with us on social media. growing excitement for the nba finals. we have the countdown -- >> where is it? >> there it is. thank you. we have new details on the napa high hazing controversy. the students that have just had their expulsions overturns. speaking of controversy, russian president, vladimir putin, speaking today about the u.s. elections. was russia involved? was it not? the confusing message he gave. nothing controversy or confusing weather-wise.
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now at 6:30, a bit of a foggy start for some of us.
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a live look this morning, and the fog is blocking out some of the view now in the east bay hills. and in the peninsula, all is clear as you head out on the bay bridge. we are getting ready for the nba finals on we have a countdown on the screen for when cleveland is take on the warriors. >>. >> it's going to be a foggy morning for us around the coast, and some parts of the bay. hopefully it does include the cavaliers this morning. you can see it is in the north bay, a quarter mile in santa rosa. half a mile in half moon bay. here's look from the roof
6:31 am
camera. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s, and we will stay in the upper 50s at the coast. and so it's comfortable to get outside. 71 to 74 at 4:00, and then 65 to 66 at 7:00. of course we will take a look the game one forecast and op kul graduations also today, too. and then the fog lifted across the san rafael bridge, and a minor delay at the toll plaza now backing towards the richmond parkway exit. golden gate bridge, another story. look at that, still socked in and limited visibility coming off the wauldo grade. take speeds a little slower, because it comes up super fast especially as you are coming out of the tunnel. half of us here in california fear somebody we know will be deported. >> it's part of a new survey this morning about the impact washington's crackdown on
6:32 am
immigration is having on us. matt with details. >> reporter: immigration is a big issue in the bay area and across california as state leaders are considering a sanctuary state law. the immigration can be very personal. the public policy institute of california release add new survey and it asked how much do you worry somebody you know could be deported. 50% of adults said they worry a lot or some. and most latinos, 59% say they worry a lot. president and ceo of the public policy institute of california said in the context of federal immigration enforcement, many californians think it will have negative impacts on their local economy and fear somebody they know will be deported, and half than all adults are in favor of having a sanctuary law. having a sanctuary law. and then the
6:33 am
backing towards police, another person believed to be a woman was taken into custody at the scene. it started yesterday before 6:00 when police were called to lemon tree way for a reported shooting. the victim drove away and hit several cars before police found him on l street near the highway 4 overpass. he died at the hospital. the two people detained are now being questioned. new developments in the hazing schedule involving the napa high school football team. the county school board overturned two more expulsions. one of two students that won their appeal last night was estrella, a student we spoke to in march. alex torres was the first to have his expulsion overturned weeks ago. this means two of the original nine players are still expelled. and as for the criminal cases, the prosecutors say they are investigating 11 more.
6:34 am
president trump will announce whether the u.s. is pairing out of the paris accord on climate change. he tweeted out last night saying he will announce his decision at 3:00 p.m. eastern, noon our time. and white house officials indicated the president will remove the u.s. from the deal aimed at reducing carbon emissions. the president has been known to change his mind on major decisions at the last minute. 195 countries adopted the agreement in 2015. abc news will carry the president's announcement live in a special report as soon as it begins. now a live update with jessica castro. >> russian president, vladimir putin, just said his government has never been involved in hacking, specifically not the 2016 presidential election. he spoke with major russian news agencies this morning and one interesting note, putin did say it could have been done by it could have been done by individual patriotic russian
6:35 am
tense times, and putin said he will wait until anti-russian sentiment dies down before they try to forge ties between president trump and the united states. former fbi directeder comey is ready to break his silence about the meetings with president trump. james muller, the special counsel leading the investigation has okayed comey's testimony. happening today, fake news is expected to be at the top of the agenda when facebook shareholders meet. zuckerberg will face questions about facebook's role in the spreading of unverified news stories. critics say while the company has taken steps to address the
6:36 am
problem it still has not done enough. some shareholders are concerned about the impact of fake news on facebook's representation. fremont police are looking for a missing teenage girl. she was last seen on monday. you will see a photo of her. she's 15 years old and ran away from an assessment center where she was taken when she disappeared the week before. fremont police don't believe this is suspicious but friends and family are concerned for her well-being. and then viewing records for water slides across the state in an effort to find rides sim to the slide that a 10-year-old boy was injured on. two slides at raging waters are similar. they are trying to determine what differences may have caused that accident. the wave water park in dublin is closed until the weekend. and three rides there will remain closed there indefinitely. let's talk about what is
6:37 am
going on with our bay bridge. it's looking clearer than it was earlier this morning when the fog was sitting almost on the deck and we had drizzle. we will have drizzle and fog on the roads for your commute planner through 9:00. it will be isolated. breezy north of the bay bridge and east of the golden gate bridge today, and damp to dry if you are using mass transit. one of the areas starting with sunshine, walnut creek, looking south on 680. grab the sunglasses. you will need them. if the tree pollen has been bothering you, nothing has changed, and neither has the uv index. it will be high today. 59 in hayward. 61 in palo alto. and also, san jose. 55 in san ramon. look at santa rosa, 49 degrees today. and then temperatures along the mid-70s around the bay. and a few 80s inland. and then what happens on saturday? yeah, we will take a look at a
6:38 am
cooler sunday and heat that is coming in the forecast next week. going to the bay bridge toll plaza where we have reports of a stall backed up against the center divide. i am not seeing the stall in our live shot but traffic is stacked up back towards the maze and sluggish on the upper deck was come into san francisco. earlier b.a.r.t. delays clear now. we have 57 trains running on time this morning and a new report that just is coming in for an accident near kau for an accident near kau taughty, northbound 101, cotati. and right under the crash icon, you can see the slowing yellow sensors, overturned blocking three lanes of northbound 101.
6:39 am
and then counting down to the finals. >> the preparations under way at oracle. the warriors shared this with us this morning. amy hollyfield is live at oracle right now. how is it looking, amy? >> reporter: good morning. oracle arena is ready. if you sit here behind the basket here, you will get some thunder sticks so you can distract the cavs when they shoot their free throws, and all of the fans tonight get a flag for their car and a t-shirt. while the fans are busy checking out their swag, the warriors say they are ready to play for a victory and a championship. at practice yesterday the team was saying that they vividly remember losing that 3-1 lead that they had in the championship last year with steph curry saying he remembers that feeling and never wants to remember that again and will do all he can to never experience that again. standing in the way, lebron james who also wants a
6:40 am
championship. steph curry talked about his relationship with lebron james. >> we obviously run into each other from time to time, and we have the battles on the court, and when it's all said and done and when all of our careers are over with i am sure we will be looking back and remembering the good times playing the game we love. >> there are tickets available. just go to that's where the nba recommends you get your tickets so you don't end up with a fake one. we went on there this morning and found this court side seat i am sitting in right now, and it's available, only $19,000. if you decide to buy a seat maybe these thunder sticks will distract you from remembering what you paid for the ticket. you can watch it here, too, on abc7, go warriors. >> distract you from your empty
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bank account. >> if you have to ask, you can't afford it. it all kicks off at 5:00, and they are going to be live at oracle. then it's on. game one. warriors versus the cavs. espn's coverage begins at 5:30. don't miss it. a police chase ends in gunfire with an officer and a suspect injured. we are live with the investigation going on right now. a frightening scene in wisconsin. the search going on right now for missing workers after an explosion at a fuel plant. explosion at a fuel plant. and then help
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
developing news now, at least one person dead and two are missing and multiple people are severely burned after a big explosion fire that leveled this wisconsin cornme mill. 16 employees were in the plant after it collapsed after a blast last night. the search continues for survivors. the plant processes corn and corn by-product. the explosion was so powerful it knocked out power to the entire town and a nearby community. the cause of the blast is still unclear.
6:45 am
and then investigating an officer-involved shooting after a chase with a suspect. >> and we are live in martinez. jeanine? >> reporter: police have been on the scene for nearly nine hours. this is just off of 680, and they say the man in the car there that you see in the ditch, there are bullet holes in the wind she will, thshiel windshield, he threatened them. he was driving recklessly and wouldn't stop for police. a few days later he was spotted again and crashed into a patrol officer's vehicle. he ran away after the crash. police tracked him to an address on ellis road last night, and he tried to escape by ramming into a patrol car again, and that's when officers opened fire on him. his friends came to the scene upset. >> i'm not saying my boy is an angel, but he did not deserve to be shot at like this.
6:46 am
>> he was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. a vallejo officer also had minor injuries but he is okay. the officers say he was forced to shoot because they feared for his lives, but there is going to be an investigation by the contra costa county sheriff's department. reporting live from martinez, abc7 news. breaking news from the live desk. >> breaking consumer news, a huge heads up, if you shop at k mart the retailer confirmed customer credit cards information was stolen. the company is working with federal investigators to get a better idea to the extent of the breach. they do think that they got enough information to make counterfeit credit cards. if you shopped online at k or sears, it's parent company, you are not affected,
6:47 am
it's simply k mart stores. it's simply k mart stores. and then a shake-up at the head of finance is stepping down from the company reporting a $700 million loss in the first quarter. this according to the san francisco business times. it says the head of finance will be leaving the company in july to head another startup. joe biden is launching a political action committee fueling speculation he may run for president in 2020. the pac wil allow him to raise money for candidates. the 74-year-old has said that he probably will not run for president in 2020 but he has not totally ruled it out. he strongly considered running in 2016. take a look at this video. do you recognize that man? he's a suspected burglar cotton side a home on tuesday morning.
6:48 am
the suspect set off a burglar alarm but left before the cops got there. the video was posted online hoping somebody would recognize the man and give police a call. and then vallejo council will allow the public to comment before the vote. ireland based company is appealing. the company wants to spend $50 million to turn an old flour plant into a high-tech cement factory. many oppose it saying it will bring ship loads of toxic industrial waste. the state senate passed the bill that would give cities and counties the option to extend sales from 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 am., and it would apply to bars
6:49 am
and restaurants. critics are concerned it would risk public safety by giving people more time to get drunk and bar owners say it would significantly help their business. and now going on to college thanks to special scholarships. >> 400 students were honored, and they were receiving scholarships through the college fund. more than $3 million was given this year. she turned to last month her play was performed in san francisco. >> i am not standing on this stage because my dad's in prison, i am here because of what i decided to do with the situation. i never chose to be an activist, i just decided not to be a victim. >> the program has an 80% graduation rate. >> we wish them all the luck in the world.
6:50 am
>> absolutely. let's go over to meteorologist, mike nicco. we want blue skies and golden sunshine, please. >> you got it. you will have to wait longer in some areas than others, like the south bay, 280 and 17. a dry cold front will take away a lot of the cloud cover and drizzle except for at the coast, it's going to hang around the clouds for the better part of the day. weekends trending cooler and breezy, and the summer warmth pushed off until next week. 16-mile-per-hour winds at fairfield, so not a strong sea breeze today but enough to keep us steady and breezy in downtown san francisco. we will say 65, and partly sunny along the coast where temperatures will be 59 in daly city, and along the east bay shore, breezy conditions north of the bay bridge. richmo richmond, 69. on the peninsula, a few lingering clouds. sunny and 75 in palo alto. down in the south bay, looking
6:51 am
at temperatures in the mid-70s. if you like yesterday, today is kind of a repeat. up in the north bay, warmer but we go from fog to sunshine and breezy. in the east bay, earliest for sunshine, some of the warmest temperatures 70s to about 80. let's head to sunnyvale, where we have fremont high school graduating at 5:00. and piedmont high school, about the same time, and i should say dublin high school, here about 70 at 6:00 drop into the 60s. congratulations to all them. and cooler this weekend, but then look at the heat next week. sue? >> we take a live look at some of the traffic maps. traffic out of tracy which is typical, a 45-minute drive. not too bad as you make your way into dublin pleasanton. we have a problem northbound 101 near cotati, three cars involved, two lanes were blocked and looks like one lane now may
6:52 am
be blocked. there was fog in the area, so heads up if you are traveling northbound 101 near cotati. let's look at your mass transit options, ace trains 3, 5 and 7 on time. muni buses and rail looking good. no delays on cal train up and down the person from san francisco to san jose. breaking news from the abc7 news live desk. >> we want to bring you breaking news in chicago. check this out. firefighters right now fighting this huge blaze at a furniture and electronics store. this is a live look at the scene. you can see they are aggressively attacking the fire from the fire truck, and they are trying to get a handle on this thing. there is concern right now that this roof could collapse, so they are going to keep attacking it from above for now, and they are not inside of the building yet. yet. i will keep an eye
6:53 am
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fortunately there's a bedples dwhere you both get what yous? want every night. enter sleep number and the semi-annual sale going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. now it's our lowest price ever on our temperature balancing i8 bed, save $700. ends sunday. go to for a store near you. it's 6:54, and here are the seven things we think you should know today. investigators on scene after vallejo police shot a suspect that escaped from them a few days later and he was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. and napa school board overturned two more expulsions linked to a hazing scandal.
6:55 am
the decision means only two of the original nine players are still expelled. number three, apple, google and facebook among 25 major companies trying to convince president trump to stay with the paris climate deal. they took out a full page ad today in many newspapers. number four, we are following your wednesday -- where are we? thursday morning commute with an overturned vehicle and three cars involved. this is north 101 near cotati, and traffic backing up into the cotati grade. something for everybody in your 12-hour day planner. mid through the upper 50s until noon. june is pride month and to celebrate instagram is rolling out new pride stickers.
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use #kindcomments and pride2017. the wait almost over. game one of the nba finals between the warriors and cavs tonight at oracle arena. if you are not going in person you can watch it right here only on abc7. espn's coverage begins at 5:30, and i hope you start watching at 5:00, with mike shumann at oracle arena. i am super excited. >> go dubs. >> you can still get tickets. >> courtside for only $19,000? . >> yeah, go to the couch and look behind the cushions and see if there are nickles and dimes and you will be set. >> the cheap seats are $6,000. i am sure that's not a problem for lots of people. >> up close and personal, 5:00 p.m., it's going to be great.
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[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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good morning, america. decision day. president trump set to make a major announcement. will he pull out of the landmark climate change deal? the president's inner circle deeply divided. ivanka trump against steve bannon. inside the fierce fight at the white house and what's at stake. the decision coming just hours from now. breaking news, a massive explosion rocking this wisconsin plant overnight. >> a large explosion, large fire, a lot of smoke. >> employees trapped inside as it collapsed. at least one person killed. multiple missing or injured. helicopters and emergency vehicles on the scene racing to find survivors. newly released dash cam video shows tiger woods' dui arrest. >> do you know where you are right now? >> i do not know. >> found asleep at the wheel stumbling. struggling to complete basic tasks.


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